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Stroke and High Blood Pressure: Causes, Treatment and Rehabilitation
Sunday 13 February 2011

BAPS Charities, UK organised a seminar on Sunday 13 February 2011 at BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, London to raise awareness about stroke and high blood pressure among the elderly.

The session was led by Dr Babalal Depala, an Associate Specialist in Elderly Medicine and Stroke at Newham General Hospital, London. Dr Depala was supported by Mr Alpesh Prajapati, a physiotherapist.

The session began with information about the causes and risk factors for the development of a stroke. This was followed by details of hospital treatment for stroke patients – the hospital in-patient team and the stroke pathway of care. Helpful ideas about how a stroke can be prevented were also discussed.

Mr Prajapati talked about post-stroke rehabilitation and offered a practical demonstration of the appropriate exercises that can be performed at home in order to aid the process.

An open forum of questions and answers concluded the seminar, which all attendees found very useful.