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Elderly Welfare Seminar: How to Make the Best Use of Your Medicines
Sunday 24 April 2011

BAPS Charities, UK organised a health awareness seminar on Sunday 24 April 2011 as part of its ‘Welfare for the Elderly’ programme, entitled “How to Make the Most of Your Medicines”.

Ms Minal Patel, a pharmacist and manager at Boots Chemist, conducted the session which was attended by 50 people.

Through her presentation and interactive discussion, Ms Patel covered various topics, including medicine for diabetes and heart disease, pain killers, antibiotics, common side-effects of medication, and where to seek health care and related advice.

The aim of the seminar was to raise awareness about the benefits and importance of taking medicines in the correct manner that they are prescribed. Ms Patel emphasised that medicines are patient-specific and should not be shared or distributed to others. She also addressed some common myths surrounding many medicines.

The participants were educated about the vast amount of research that is conducted for the appropriate use and benefits of medicines before they are prescribed and informed that medicines will only be effective if they are taken as advised.

The seminar proved to be an important and useful learning experience for all who attended.