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National Diabetes Week Seminar
Sunday 9 June 2013

BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir hosted a seminar on Sunday 9 June 2013 for National Diabetes Week. It was organised by BAPS Charities and Diabetes UK to highlight the importance of diabetes research amongst Asians. 

Diabetes UK has been making breakthroughs in research for more than 75 years. This seminar was arranged to give South Asians an opportunity to learn more about the types of research being undertaken, with special addresses by Professor Peter Whincup and Dr Devi Nair. 

The seminar began with an introductory talk from Dr Devi Nair, Consultant Lipidologist at The Royal Free Hospital. Dr Nair works in collaboration with BAPS Charities and has recently set up a joint diabetes screening clinic that takes place quarterly at the Mandir in London. 

Dr Nair explained how common diabetes is among people of South Asian origin, and some of the underlying reasons, other than genetic susceptibility, that contribute to such a high level of prevalence. 

This was followed by a talk from Dr Rankin, Director of Research at Diabetes UK, who explained the role and importance of research in the present day management of diabetes by the NHS. He pointed out that five times more is spent on research for arthritis, the British Heart Foundation spends ten times more, and Cancer Research UK is able to spend twenty times more on research than Diabetes UK. He thus highlighted the need to generate funds for more diabetes research to allow optimal management of the condition, which is so common amongst those of South Asian origin. 

Professor Peter Whincup gave a summary of his current research project called “CHASE”, The Child Heart and Health Study in England, and highlighted numerous factors which cause Asian children to be significantly more prone to develop Type II diabetes. 

Surjeet Soin, a diabetic patient, shared an insightful account of his personal experiences with diabetes and how he has managed his condition over the years. 

The seminar was attended by 65 people, and proved to be highly beneficial and informative for all those present. 

The seminar comes as part of the Diabetes Care Programme launched at the Mandir last September and an on-going initiative to raise awareness about diabetes and help people with the condition. In 2008, BAPS promoted and raised funds for Diabetes UK through its Family Walk & Fun Run, while in recent years, BAPS Charities has organised regular health screening sessions at the Mandir in which people are screened for conditions such as diabetes and offered important lifestyle advice. 

To learn more about the work of Diabetes UK and about National Diabetes Week, please follow the respective links. 

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