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Health Screening Session for Under-40s
Saturday 27 September 2014

BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, London, held a health screening session for under-40s organised by BAPS Charities on Saturday 27 September 2014.

Cardiovascular disease and diabetes are common conditions observed in the South Asian community. Early detection of risk factors is the only way to prevent long-term complications.

The health screening programme measured blood sugar, cholesterol, body mass index, blood pressure and body fat. Participants were given an opportunity to discuss the findings with a doctor.

A total of 39 adults aged between 24 and 40 were screened. Risk factors were identified with six individuals, who were subsequently referred for a more detailed cardiovascular screening clinic that is regularly organised by BAPS Charities in collaboration with The Royal Free Hospital.

The session was very well received with positive feedback from all participants. The average rating for the satisfaction and conduction of the programme was 9/10.

A youth at the event shared: “Thank you very much for the opportunity to address these important health issues. The consultation was very useful and I’ll definitely be making some changes to my lifestyle to safeguard my health.”

Dr Lalit Nirmal, a volunteer at BAPS Charities added: “These sessions are very useful because they encourage members of this high-risk community to improve their understanding and awareness of diabetes, obesity and blood pressure. People are empowered and supported to take on sustainable lifestyle changes which will benefit not just them but their entire family, thus helping reduce the likelihood and impact of such diseases.”

Similar events are planned for this age group in the future to continue to identify early risks of heart disease and promote general health awareness.