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Wednesday 20 August 2003

This year’s Janmãshtami – the Birth anniversary of Shri Krishnã – was celebrated on Sat 16 Aug and Wed 20 Aug 2003 at the Shri Swaminarayan Mandir in Neasden.

On Sat 16 Aug, a musical ballet – Krishnã Leelã – was enacted by bãlaks and kishors from London and Leicester. With beautiful backdrops, breath-taking light and sound effects, the promising actors enthralled a packed Haveli audience for 45 minutes.

The programme commenced with the graceful ‘Mayur Dance’ in which the peacock – the National bird of India – lured the audience to the enchanting world of Indian culture. Thereafter the drama began transporting the audience to the atrocities of king Kansa and the consequent need for Krishna to save his parents and the people of Mathurã from the tyranny of their wicked king. After a few childhood exploits such as taming of the Kãliyã serpent, Krishna leaves for Mathurã to fulfil his mission of destroying Kansa. The finale sees the friends of Krishna celebrate the occasion and resounding the victory of good ever evil.

P. Atmaswarup Swami highlighted the salient features of Krishna Leelã, primarily the sermon given to Arjun on the battlefield of Kurukshetra popularly known as the Bhãgwad Gitã. The evening was a huge success and extremely effective in delivering the true message of Janmãshtami.

On Wed 20 Aug, grand Annakuts were offered to the mandir deities. In the evening assembly, the birth of Shri Krishna was celebrated with devotion and dance.