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Holi Celebrations
Sunday 16 March 2014

Holi is known as the ‘festival of colours’, and marks the joyous arrival of spring when Hindus celebrate its beauty, energy and vitality. The sacred images in the Mandir were thus duly adorned with beautiful coloured clothing on Sunday 16 March 2014. 

There are many significant events and beliefs associated with Holi. One of the most renowned is the protection of young Prahlad by Lord Nrusinh from a burning fire instigated by his demoniac father King Hiranyakashipu. Holi therefore celebrates the burning of evil instincts and the saving grace of God, when worshippers make offerings into a bonfire and reverently walk around it. 

Also associated with Holi is fertility and the Vedic ritual of offering the first spring harvest to Agni, the fire deity. Devotees and members of the local community availed of the newly harvested grains after offering them to the devas. In keeping with this ancient custom, hundreds of devotees offered grains and coconuts into a bonfire lit in the open grounds of The Swaminarayan School from 5pm in the evening.