Shri Swaminarayan Arti


In keeping with the Hindu tradition of singing the glory of the enshrined deities of a mandir, His Holiness Mahant Swami Maharaj, the sixth spiritual successor of Bhagwan Swaminarayan, inspired the composition of an arti dedicated to the glory of Akshar and Purushottam, that is, Swami and Narayan. This arti is known as the ‘Shri Swaminarayan Arti’.

This Shri Swaminarayan Arti is sung daily in BAPS mandirs, countless homes and on festive occasions reminding worshippers of the glory of the divine forms of Akshar and Purushottam to whom they offer devotion.

The lyrics of the Shri Swaminarayan arti are:

English Transliteration

Jay Swāminārāyan, Jay Akshar-Purushottam,
Akshar-Purushottam jay, darshan sarvottam… Jay Swāminārāyan…

Mukta anant supujit, sundar sākāram,
Sarvopari karunākar, mānav tanudhāram… Jay Swāminārāyan… 1

Purushottam Parabrahma, Shri Hari Sahajānand,
Aksharbrahma anādi, Gunātitānand… Jay Swāminārāyan… 2

Prakat sadā sarvakartā, param muktidātā,
Dharma ekāntik sthāpak, bhakti paritrātā… Jay Swāminārāyan… 3

Dāsbhāv divyatā saha, brahmarupe priti,
Suhradbhāv alaukik, sthāpit shubh riti… Jay Swāminārāyan… 4

Dhanya dhanya mam jivan, tav sharane sufalam,
Yagnapurush pravartita, siddhāntam sukhadam… Jay Swāminārāyan,

Jay Akshar-Purushottam, Jay Swāminārāyan… 5

English Translation

O Swaminarayan! Praise to you! O Akshar-Purushottam! Praise to you!
O Akshar-Purushottam! Praise to you! Your darshan is supreme…

He [Bhagwan Swaminarayan] is worshiped by countless muktas (liberated souls), possesses a [divine] form, and is splendid.
He, who is supreme and bestows compassion [on all], manifested [on earth] with a [divine] human form… 1 

Purushottam Parabrahman is Shri Hari Sahajanand,
The eternal Aksharbrahman is Swami Gunatitanand… 2

[Bhagwan Swaminarayan] is always manifest, the all-doer, and the bestower of ultimate liberation.
He is the establisher of ekantik dharma and the protector of bhakti (devotion)… 3

Humility with [an understanding of all to be] divine, offering [loving] devotion upon becoming brahmarup, and divine amity; [these] auspicious means he established… 4

[O Akshar-Purushottam!] My life is blessed! It has become fruitful at your feet.
This doctrine [established by Bhagwan Swaminarayan and] propagated by Yagnapurush [Shastriji Maharaj], bestows ultimate happiness.

O Swaminarayan! Praise to you! O Akshar-Purushottam! Praise to you!
O Swaminarayan! Praise to you!… 5


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