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BAPS Children’s Forum Receives Gold Award for Supplementary Education
Saturday 7 July 2012

BAPS Children’s Forum has received the Gold Award from the National Resource Centre (NRC) for its “high standards of service in providing supplementary education to the community”. Based at BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, London, it is the first supplementary school in the London borough of Brent & Harrow to have achieved the gold standard.

This latest distinction follows The Queen’s Award presented to BAPS Children’s Forum in 2009 for its outstanding voluntary services to the community.

The NRC is a national agency operating within ContinYou, one of UK’s leading education charities. Its Policy and Delivery Manager, Pascale Vassie, was accompanied by Akhita Benjamin, Regional Strategic Advisor and Mentor for Supplementary Schools in Brent, at the award ceremony held at the Mandir on the evening of Saturday 7 July 2012.

Among its various activities, BAPS Children’s Forum organises a Sunday school to teach Gujarati, in which it has attained a 100% success rate in GCSE exams, with more than half of the students receiving a grade A or A*.

During the weekly classes, some 70 volunteers assist the 350 students. The school also strives to provide value-based education helping young people develop into responsible and respectable British citizens.

At the award ceremony, Ms Vassie shared: “The quality and range of teaching materials available to pupils and their parents was exceptional. The volunteers’ enthusiasm for the school and commitment to give back to help younger children along the path of learning was a credit to the volunteers and a clear example as to why the BAPS Children’s Forum has achieved the Gold Award.”

To learn more about ContinYou and its National Resource Centre for Supplementary Education, please follow the respective links.

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