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63 New Donors Register at Bone Marrow Recruitment Drive
28 September 2013

BAPS Charities, in collaboration with Delete Blood Cancer UK, hosted a campaign at BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir to register members of the South Asian community onto the National Bone Marrow Donation Register.  

DID YOU KNOW? Someone is diagnosed with blood cancer in the UK every 18 minutes. Every 10 minutes, blood cancer takes a life somewhere in the world.

Bone marrow and stem cell donation allows the treatment of multiple blood cancers and conditions. There is a significant lack of Asian donors on the National Bone Marrow Register. As a result, a suitable donor to treat Asians is often not available, leading to life-threatening situations. 

BAPS Charities has recognised this need and held numerous drives and initiatives over the years to raise awareness and to encourage Asians to join the register. 

This latest drive, held on Saturday 28 September 2013, involved a team of volunteers from both charities. The team’s enthusiasm and vibrant stall in the foyer of the Mandir helped attract attention, raise awareness of the issue, and sign up new potential donors. 

The day proved a great success with 63 new registrants signing up for the National Bone Marrow Register and many more being educated about the need for South Asian donors. One new donor shared: “I was initially scared about having to give a part of me to a stranger, but I have been really  inspired by the message of Pramukh Swami, about finding joy in bringing joy to others and helping others. It was a really satisfying experience.” The visiting team also enjoyed the day and expressed their “amazing experience of the drive at the Mandir.” 

This initiative follows a similar drive last year by BAPS Charities, this time with The Anthony Nolan Trust, which raised 82 new potential bone marrow donors. This followed the funds and awareness raised for blood cancer treatment when BAPS Charities partnered with The Anthony Nolan Trust for the BAPS Family Walk & Fun Run in 2009.

 To find out more about Delete Blood Cancer UK, visit their website at Or click here to learn about bone marrow donation.

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