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Community Cancer Awareness Roadshow
Saturday 9 November 2019

BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir hosted a community cancer awareness roadshow on Saturday 9 November 2019, organised by Cancer Research UK (CRUK), one of the UK’s leading cancer research and awareness charities.

A team of advisers and specialist cancer nurses spoke to more than 200 members of the local community throughout the day inside a purpose-built mobile unit in the courtyard of the Mandir. The team discussed the correlation between obesity and diabetes and the corresponding increase in the incidence of cancers. They also provided important practical advice on healthy lifestyle choices that can reduce the risk of cancer.

The Cancer Awareness Roadshow has helped to reduce the risk of developing cancer and empowered thousands of people to make positive lifestyle changes for 11 years. The programme also provides tools to test BMI, carbon monoxide levels, waist size, and various other relevant metrics.

Tom, a senior nurse from CRUK, said, “The day at BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir was very rewarding and successful. We were delighted to talk to visitors about cancer prevention and early diagnosis and our hosts at the Mandir extended a very welcome to us all.”

Jay Patel, a volunteer with the BAPS Charities healthcare team, who were supporting the CRUK staff, added, “It has been a privilege to partner with CRUK. Their highly knowledgeable staff provided practical guidance to avoid and detect cancer early, which was valued by worshippers at the Mandir and members of the local community. We are confident that this session will inspire many to make positive lifestyle changes.”

To learn more about CRUK and the causes and early detection of cancer, please click here.

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