Visitor Opinions – Schools (2006)

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Thank you very much for the posters and cards.
A very worthwhile day. Many of the children explained how peaceful they felt there.
Always friendly, helpful and welcoming – Many thanks!

Debbie Selfe
Coteford Junior School
15 December 2006

We were delighted with the visit and intend to come again next year! Namaste.

Mrs. N. Lewis
Abbot’s Hill School
Hemel Hempstead
12 December 2006

I was enormously impressed by the friendly warm but reverent attitude in the temple. I think the girls gained a great deal from it and have developed a deeper understanding of and respect for Hinduism.
We were enormously impressed and enjoyed the visit. We definitely want to return next year!
Thank you again!

Hadrian Briggs
The Red Maids’ School
5 December 2006

Thank you for an informative and well organized visit. The temple is a wonderful, spiritual place.

Kathy New
Salusbury Primary School
1 December 2006

I thought the whole experience was absolutely brilliant. We all really enjoyed it and thank you so much for your kindness and hospitality to us.

Tessa Bangert
Northwood Prep School
30 November 2006

At the end of our study visit on Hinduism, it was very educational for the whole year group.
We were made to feel welcome and children, staff and parent helpers all found the visit very informative.

Mrs. Hurst
Preston Park Primary School
29 November 2006

It was a wonderful experience and your education/school has improved a lot. I have been to the temple with schools for the past 5 years and this was the best (administrated well).

Ms Tunu/Ms Begum
Argyle Primary School
27 & 29 November 2006

As usual, a great trip for my students – informative, interesting and a special experience to see such a beautiful building in North London!

Amy Colquhoun
ACS Cobham International School
27 November 2006

Big thank you.

Michelle Casey
Halley Primary School
24 November 2006

Excellent! The worksheets we downloaded were very good and relevant to the Exhibition.

Su Twiner
New Line Learning, Oldborough
22 November 2006

During the day of our event it went very smoothly; the guide and Mandir staff worked well to ensure our students enjoyed and were informed by their visit.

Mr. P. Sheehan
The Cornwallis School
21, 22 & 23 November 2006

The trip was a fantastic experience for the children which crystallised their learning about Hinduism in R.E.

Rita Alak
Dollis Junior School
20 November 2006

We thoroughly enjoyed the visit. Our parents who came to help us really enjoyed their day. We liked the opportunity to ask question.

Jo Maleney
Coteford Infant School
16 November 2006

This is the best trip we take the girls on. The Mandir is amazing and all the people helping are so friendly. It is an absolute pleasure. The girls will all remember the trip for many years.

Mrs. E. Margrett
Walthamstow Hall School
14 November 2006

This was an excellent opportunity for the children to gain an insight to the Hindu religion – our welcome was warm by staff and other visitors. The time was well planned and the talks given to the children were aimed well at their level.

Lynne Wheeler
Bean Primary School
08 November 2006

It is always a pleasure to visit the Swaminarayan Mandir; we have brought year 8 students for several years. The Mandir inspires a sense of awe and wonder and it makes a big impression on the students. Thanks to all the staff for an enjoyable visit.

Mrs. Jo Beavan
Bedford Modern School
7 November 2006

The children learnt a lot and were able to gain a real experience of Hindu worship.

Mrs. Laura Roke
All Saints C of E Junior School
6 November 2006

I am from Denmark, and have therefore never seen anything like the temple. It was so beautiful, and it was such a great experience to be able to come along.

Sille Gavnholt Jygert
21 October 2006

I should like to express thanks on behalf of all members of the group from Lion Walk Church for your warm welcome on Saturday 7 October. Everyone told me how much they had enjoyed the visit. All of us learned a great deal about Hinduism and we found that attendance at Aarti gave a spiritual experience that we valued.
The temple is an overwhelmingly beautiful building and the atmosphere conducive to reverence.

Marian Tomlinson
Lion Walk United Reformed Church
7 October 2006

I visited the Mandir with my school on the 4th October. I am writing to thank you for the experience. The Mandir was extremely beautiful and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I especially liked the exhibition. The talk, film and slideshow were very interesting. I have learnt a lot about the Mandir and about the Hindu faiths and beliefs.
My trip will really help as we are doing a project on Hinduism in school.
Thank you once again.

Chloe Knox
St. Margaret’s School
4 October 2006

Thank you to everyone who was involved with meeting and speaking to our students. Your kindness and hospitality during the three recent school visits was most appreciated. For many of the boys, it was their first experience of a close up on the Hindu faith, and they have learned a lot.
We thank you once again and wish you well.

Meriel Dixon
Verulam School
22, 25 & 26 September 2006

Most rewarding. The two groups I brought on successive days found it a very worthwhile and an amazing experience. It has broadened their understanding of Hinduism, which we are studying this term.

Nigel Bennett
Reading Blue Coast School
26 & 27 September 2006

A very inspiring and informative visit for both of our student group and staff members. Organisation of activities and procedures for visiting school/college groups was excellent. Thank you for a lovely day.

Rani Rathore
Key Training Services
25 September 2006

We had a wonderful visit; thank you. I would certainly recommend it to my friends and teaching colleagues. It was my fourth visit, although the first time I’d taken a class!

Jean Marshall
St. Teresa’s RC Primary School
20 July 2006
Thank you for the warm welcome and fabulous day at the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir.
We were well looked after throughout and feel we have learned a lot about the Hindu faith. Many of us are looking forward to the opportunity to visit again as individuals.

Vanessa Kwai
Friars Primary School
14 July 2006

Thank you for the time and consideration given to the children in our party. This was a wonderful end of year educational visit and experience for the children. All adults in the party also wish to pass on their interest and thanks. We hope to make this a regular visit for our year 4 children.
This was a tremendous opportunity for children to see a different culture and to respect the beliefs of others. I hope the children in any class will have the opportunity to visit again when they are maybe at secondary school to further broader their knowledge.

Ms A. Hadgkiss
Whitehawk Primary School
12 July 2006

A completely new experience for our students, very impressive and a good addition to our stay in London. I’m going to make the Mandir a regular part of my school trips to London!

Horst-Joachiur Kalbe Robert Bosch Comprehensive School
3 July 2006

It is a really beautiful Mandir and the girls always enjoy their experience. I have a long list of teachers who want to come on this trip!

Miss A. Hadwin
St. Mary’s School
S. Bucks
27 Jun 2006

Children gasped with delight when they first saw the Mandir. It was very enlightening for them. Aarti was a spiritual experience for us all.

Tina Thomas
St. Mary’s CE School
26 Jun 2006

An excellent learning experience for pupils and teachers of all faiths. The spirit of faith and prayer was very excellent.
Fr. Andrew
Salesian School
24 Jun 2006
I was pleased that my students had a positive experience which has been reflected in their comments to me.

Mrs. Ashton
Frogmore Community College
22 Jun 2006

We take children to a variety of different places of worship. This was a really special experience. It was noticeable how easy it was to insist a silence from pupils – they felt the atmosphere of worship and most of these instinctively fell silent.

Maggie Allder
Thornden School
21 Jun 2006

Thank you all at the Mandir so very much for all your help and support in making this trip so special. The children really felt a sense of spirituality and left in awe and wonder at the spectacular sight of the temple and also with a further understanding of Hinduism. Our guide was excellent and it was only a shame that because of our late arrival we had to leave before the slide show.
So again thank you to yourself and the Mandir committee who make these trips for schools such as ours a possibility. It was really appreciated and an eye opening experience for our children.

Our Lady of Sion School
West Sussex
21 Jun 2006

Thank you for organising our school booking to the Temple last Tuesday. We all thoroughly enjoyed our visit and were amazed by the beauty of your building. Everyone was very welcoming and kind – we all felt a great sense of calm and peace.

Mr. G. Hobern
Prior Park Preparatory School
20 Jun 2006

The girls enjoyed their visit and learnt a lot of details they did not realise were linked to Hinduism. A calm, peaceful informative visit. Looking forward to returning next year. Thank you!
Mrs. Gladman
Dr. Challoner’s High School
15 Jun 2006
Had an excellent visit to a wonderful peaceful place. Children enjoyed their day and learnt a lot. Thank you.

Miss Katie Hardy
Bushey Manor Junior School
13 Jun 2006

The children were spellbound by the beauty of the temple. This one visit was worth a hundred lessons.

Nick Riddiough
Ilchester CP School
9 Jun 2006

First visit to the Mandir. All of the group really enjoyed the visit. It is a wonderful setting and the volunteers were wonderful with the children.

Simon Smailes
Newlands Spring School
6 Jun 2006

It was a really valuable visit – the talk and demonstration of meditation was excellent – the building is world class, the observation of puja a wonderful opportunity, shop was very good and the friendliness gave the children a wonderful, lasting impression of the Hindu community.

Julian Clarke
Ripon Grammar School
North Yorkshire
28 May 2006

The welcome was great and the day structured to give pupils the best possible way of ‘discovering’ the Mandir, Haveli & understanding about Hinduism – Thank you!

Vici Lambert
Charters School
15 May 2006

I would just like to say thank you for your hospitality at the Mandir last Friday. The students very much enjoyed themselves (they were especially impressed by your chanting skills!) Prior to the trip, communication between the school and the Mandir was excellent; emails were usually answered within two days. Next year I hope to extend our visit by an extra hour to allow more time in the exhibition. Food was slow but this was understandable considering the large number of students to cater for that day. I thank you once again for a very informative visit and look forward to visiting again.

Jesse Kaur
St. Michaels CE High School
West Midlands
5 May 2006

Everyone in our party was amazed at the splendour and beauty of your beautiful Mandir.

Mrs. D. Owen
Kirkbride County Primary School
26 Apr 2006

We are always greeted in a friendly way and made to feel welcome. All students were impressed by the commitment of the staff and helpers.
An excellent exhibition, colourful and interesting presentation. Information given to students was exactly what was needed.

Mrs. Lesley Whitwood
Tonbridge Grammar School
26 Apr 2006

We were made to feel very welcome, the children learned a lot and were able to see the respect and devotion given to the temple – the place of worship.

G. Morris
Greens North Primary School
25 Apr 2006

We’d like to thank you for the fine visit on Saturday 8th April 2006. Our students were very impressed…We had a good guide, a lovely presentation and an impressing visit, especially the Aarti-“celebration”…Thanks!

Ludo Van Thielen
Vrije Sint – Lambertusscholen
8 Apr 2006

We were guided through the Mandir by one of your colleagues who gave generously of his time explaining the basic tenets and attitudes within the Hindu tradition. I am sure all the students would endorse these comments and tell you what a good experience it was for us all.

Alan Brown
London Board for Schools
4 Apr 2006

My sociology students were amazed and awe-struck at the beauty of the Mandir. They all really learned a great deal about the power of religion and the Hindu way of life. They wanted me to pass on their grateful thanks.

Mrs. C. Taylor
Rainham Mark Grammar School
30 Mar 2006

The students really enjoyed the atmosphere, the beauty of the building and found the whole experience very delightful and beneficial.

Julie Bradley
St. Nicholas School
24 Mar 2006

Thank you for a lovely visit. The Mandir is beautiful and staff/volunteers were very helpful and friendly. Definitely educational and enjoyable. Look forward to visiting again.

Helen Bird
Tatsfield Primary School
23 Mar 2006

As always a lovely day; our students are always overwhelmed; always worth the early start and long journey.

Mrs. Lesley McCreadie
The Gryphon School
22 Mar 2006

Many thanks for your help.
Your accommodation of visitors and your emphasis on education is an example to all!

Bob Ayres
Valentines High School
16 Mar 2006

The guides were so helpful. They made sure that the children experienced the whole Mandir, Exhibition, Darshan, Slideshow, Video, etc. Something they will always remember. I think the children loved being in the Mandir. They were so calm they sat and drew.

Amy Fiske
Waldegrave School
16 Mar 2006

We had a wonderful visit and the children had a fantastic day. Thank you.

Joanne Palmer
Baddow Hall Infants School
10 Mar 2006

We fell very welcomed and taken care of. We have done several visits to places of worship, but this was by far the best because of your friendliness.

Gill Blackgrove
Kings House School
20 Feb 2006

We were very well welcomed. All the staff were very polite and friendly; we had a really lovely time! Thank you!

Mrs. Natalie Lewis
Abbot’s Hill School
Hemel Hempstead
6 Feb 2006