Risk Assessment

The information presented here will help you write a risk assessment for your visit.

A PDF of this information can also be downloaded from here.


Supervision and Behaviour

          • The Mandir is a public building and adult group leaders must remain with their students at all times to supervise behaviour and take the lead in the event of an evacuation.
          • You must have the correct adult-to-student ratio according to your schools guidelines. We recommend a ratio of 1:10.
          • If the behaviour of anyone in your group adversely affects the safety or enjoyment of other visitors or staff, or causes damage to exhibits, this person may be asked to leave. Please brief your students about appropriate behaviour and have contingency measures in place in case anyone is asked to leave.
          • The Mandir is covered by a comprehensive network of CCTV cameras. Images are monitored and recorded to help ensure the safety of visitors and exhibits.


First Aid

          • The Mandir has trained staff to provide first-aid treatment. Please ask if you require assistance.
          • There is a first-aid room on the ground floor.
          • The nearest accident and emergency department is at Northwick Park Hospital, Tel. 020 8864 3232.
          • All first-aid incidents are recorded in writing.
          • Changing facilities for students with disabilities are available. Please contact us for further information.


Fire and Evacuation

          • The Mandir has well-rehearsed evacuation procedures to ensure that visitors can safely and quickly exit the premises.
          • Lead your group out of the Mandir quickly through the nearest fire exit. Please do not stop to take the register until you reach the assembly point. Fire exits are clearly signposted. Lifts should not be used.
          • The main assembly point is next to the Shayona shop on Meadow Garth to the north of the Mandir. At the assembly point, please take the register and report any missing persons to any Mandir staff wearing high-visibility jackets.


Mandir Staff

          • All Mandir staff in direct contact with students have been checked through the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).


Insurance Cover

          • BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha, as the parent organisation for the Mandir, has public and product liability insurance. The insurance confirmation letter can be downloaded here.


Health and Safety Practices

          • The Mandir (as a part of BAPS) has written Health and Safety policy statements.
          • The Mandir is subject to an annual independent audit to ensure that Health and Safety standards are maintained.
          • Safety checks are regularly carried out in all areas of the Mandir and any hazards identified are rectified.